ML Quickstart

Quickstart for ML Engineers

Ritual lets users easily integrate typical AI use cases and workflows with their blockchain workflow. Users can offer their ML models to others or build protocols with their ML models.

How does the integration between web3 and AI functionality work?

On a high-level, web-3 and AI functionality are integrated through the following steps:

  1. User creates a subscription by calling their consumer smart contract.
  2. The consumer contract calls the Coordinator method to create a subscription. Refer to Consumer (opens in a new tab) and Subscription (opens in a new tab) sections of our docs for more details.
  3. The subscription is picked up by an Infernet Node.
  4. The Infernet Node dispatches the subscription to a container that runs a compute (which could be an ML model).
  5. The container processes the subscription and returns the result to the Infernet Node.
  6. The Infernet Node delivers the result to the smart contract via the Coordinator contract.
  7. Coordinator contract delivers the result by calling the _receiveCompute() (opens in a new tab) method on the consumer smart contract.

Where to go from here?