What is Infernet?

Infernet is a lightweight library to bridge off-chain compute on-chain. Primarily, it equips smart contract developers with a way to request computation to be done off-chain from Infernet Nodes and delivered to their consuming on-chain smart contracts via the Infernet SDK.

Infernet visualized

As the name implies, the primary application of Infernet is in servicing ML Inference workloads. Users can build and host ML models, deploy them to Infernet nodes, and create subscriptions to consume inference outputs and optional succinct execution proofs (for classical ML models that fit within a circuit) from smart contracts on-chain.

Simple yet flexible

Infernet is built to be simple. To that extent, we forgoe things like coordinating validators through consensus, in favor of first iterating and validating with builders on their novel use-cases.

Today, Infernet can:

  • Host arbitrary compute workloads via the Ritual Core Workflows
  • Be consumed through easy interfaces on-chain via the Infernet SDK
  • Be used for both on-chain and off-chain compute processing via the Infernet Node
  • Be permisionlessly joined by any builder, smart contract developer, or node operator