Infernet Router

The Infernet Router (opens in a new tab) is a lightweight REST server that helps discover and use Infernet Nodes at scale. This service does not route requests directly. Instead, it faciliates container and node discovery across the network (or a subset of the network).

You can either:

  1. Use the Production Router to discover nodes / containers across the entire network.
  2. Deploy your own (opens in a new tab) that "routes" to a pre-specified subset of nodes of your choice, e.g. to route across your own cluster, or one of nodes you trust.

For example usage, skip to REST Client. For the full API, see REST API.

Production Router

The official Ritual production router can be found at It is currently the only way to discover all reachable nodes within the Infernet network. Reachable nodes include those that:

  1. Are accessible from the public internet, i.e. are not firewalled, and
  2. Are forwarding stats