REST API Reference

The REST API enables two-fold functionality:

  1. Discover nodes that are running one or more specified containers
  2. Discover containers running across the network

1. GET /api/v1/ips

Returns an Infernet node IP to send requests to.

  • Method: GET
  • URL: /api/v1/ips
  • Query Parameters:
    • container (string, repeatable): IDs of containers required for the job. Multiple can be specified by repeating this parameter (e.g., ?container=inference1&container=inference2). Only IPs of nodes running the specified containers will be returned.
    • n (integer, optional): Number of IPs to return. Defaults to 3.
    • offset (integer, optional): Number of node IPs to skip before returning.
  • Response:
    • Success:
      • Code: 200 OK
      • Content: string[]
        • An array of node IPs
    • Failure:
      • Code: 400
      • Content: {"error": "No containers specified"}
        • If no containers are specified

2. GET /api/v1/containers

Returns all discoverable services (containers) running on the Infernet Network.

  • Method: GET
  • URL: /api/v1/containers
  • Response:

Data Types


Information about a container.

  • id (string) - Container (service) ID
  • count (number) - Number of discoverable nodes running this container'
  • description (string, optional) - Description of the container
  "id": string,
  "count": number,
  "description": string